Monday, December 31, 2012

Extreme Partisans and the End of Democracy

Those who stick to their party's platform, regardless of whether individual components in said platform benefit their personal needs or seek to strip them of their rights, will be the death of this Republic. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are bottom-dwelling scum suckers. But what's worse than the politicians, are the people who follow blindly.

Two examples from both sides of the aisle

The Left Wing
Gun control. It doesn't work. The media perpetuates lies and misinformation. Chicago and DC have such strict gun control that it was determined to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, and yet they also have terribly high rates of gun homicides. Why? Well, when you disarm the law-abiding citizens, the criminals and psychos still get guns because they don't care about laws, and they run around unopposed terrorizing a disarmed populace in their homes and on the streets.

They say we should look to other countries, such as European ones, for how we should do things here. Germany has had multiple school shootings, despite their strict gun control. Norway had one of the worst mass shootings in history, and they have strict gun control as well. These countries are also not democracies. In Germany you can go to prison for displaying Nazi iconography or even speaking about it. That's not freedom of expression. That's freedom of expression within the confines of what the government deems acceptable. And this is what they want here for us.

Some common lies perpetuated by the media is that no one needs a semi-automatic gun and that they are not used for hunting. The people who say that typically don't even know what a semi-automatic is. First of all, they are used for hog hunting, feral hogs being extremely dangerous, one does not want to be fiddling with a bolt while being charged by a boar. Secondly, the Second Amendment gave the people the right to resist tyranny, foreign or domestic. If you think that defending our homes and lives with guns is a lost cause, then how in the hell did some illiterate farmers defeat the most powerful empire on earth. Extreme left wing liberals trust their government and police more than they trust their fellow citizens. I think that's sad. I'm all for training of people who wants to keep and carry guns (in fact, I think every law-abiding American of sound-mind should be trained in the safety and use of guns). If I'm able to vote as a citizen, I have the right to own any damned gun I want.

The press also perpetuates the myth that sane, law-abiding citizens might "snap" suddenly, and if they have a gun then they'll go shoot up a place. First of all, sane people rarely snap. Sure it does happen that some might, but most people who "snap" were already unstable to begin with. And if they don't have a gun, and want to kill a bunch of people, then they'll find some other way to do it, and chances are, it will be way more deadly than if they had an AR-15. Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people with a Uhaul, some fertilizer and common household chemicals. Are we going to outlaw rental trucks because we are afraid someone else might do that? Of course not, that's absurd. So is outlawing guns.

Another lie perpetuated is that if a gunman walks into a classroom and the teachers are armed, that it will be a bloodbath. Hello?! There's a gunman, and a bunch of unarmed people. What do you think that is already? Do you think the gunman is there to play ring-around-the-rosie with the kiddos? If a gunman walks into a classroom and the teacher is armed, your child has a better chance of walking out of there, rather than the alternative.

The Right Wing
Minimum wage: The Republicans will have you believe that we don't need a minimum wage. There are Republican party members that barely make wages above the poverty line that will fight tooth and nail to ensure that rich Corporations don't pay any taxes, despite the fact that they have no health care and their paycheck doesn't make ends meet. Why is this? Well, for one thing, they're afraid that the Democrats want a nanny state and are going to take away their Second Amendment rights. So they have to make a choice, and they choose to sacrifice what might be in their economic best interest for something that is more important to them.

The lesser of two evils, is still evil and right now, the only viable parties for election are both evil.

Disagree with any of these hard-core left or right wing people, and you will get yelled at, called names, and if you're on facebook probably unfriended. They don't want to hear that they are wrong, that there might be better alternatives to what they are proposing. That they have bought into lies. You can present evidence to the contrary, and they re-iterate what you've just proven is false. They think you are mad at them because you disagree with them, because they certainly are mad at you. What happened to rational discourse? What happened to not surrounding ourselves with people who think 100% in lock-step with us and ditching anyone who dares step out of the box of our belief system?

If we breed ideas based on the people with whom we associate, then associating only with people we already agree with will lead to ideas that are born of incest. Nature has proven that that leads to no good end.

You have the right to your own opinion, but you do not have the right to make up your own facts. I blame the mainstream media and the politicians for this one. They do that all the time, and so it has rubbed off on everyone who has weak critical thinking skills. They think that because they agree with something, or if it sounds like it might be good or plausible, then it must be valid. Lies and mis-truths are never valid.

I suggest that everyone reassess why they believe what they do on a daily basis. Get to know your neighbors, you're more likely to have interaction with them than some jackal that gets sent to DC to represent you. If you can't trust your fellow citizens, because you have this idea in your head, perpetuated by the twenty-four hour news cycle that everyone else is stupid/crazy/incompetent, then I ask you to tell me exactly what is democracy? Democracy is rule by the People. But the media and the politicians have turned the People into an entity that can't be trusted to make their own decisions, or to keep themselves safe by using common sense. Look at your appliances! You can't even open your top loading washing machine when it's on now, because you might hurt yourself. So much for dying anything! That's just one instance of this usurpation of our rights in the name of "safety" and most people have unthinkingly gone along with it.

Well, I have news for you. One day soon, you're going to wake up and realize that you live in a tyrannical police state. You're not going to know exactly when it started, because rights are never taken all at once. They are eroded away on a slow scale, so slow that most people don't even notice. And quite a few won't even notice when they are completely gone, because they are content to live with a jackboot on their neck in exchange for an illusion of safety.

"As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
--Associate Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA/PIPA can bite me

This blog will be offline in protest of the fascist bastards who want to pass SOPA/PIPA. Write your senator. Write your congressmen. I don't care if you think it won't do any good. Do it anyway.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." --Sergei Bondarchuk

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The War on Contraception and the Rise of Serfdom in America

Since Rick Santorum, or as they call him Mr. Frothy in much of the left-leaning blogosphere, was quoted as saying that the states should have the right to outlaw contraception (a clever way of saying that it ought to be outlawed without coming out and saying it directly), I've been thinking a lot about the general state of affairs in these United States. It's the 21st century to be sure, but the neoCons seem intent on taking us back to the dark ages, not only by outlawing contraception, and ostensibly abortion, but by having a population of serfs utterly dependent upon the Corporatocracy for every little morsel of their genetically engineered food.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that poverty and children are intertwined on the same thread. In fact, as we speak more children are slipping into poverty because our economy is in the toilet.

Who is hardest hit by this poverty? Minorities of course.
"Minorities were hit hardest. Blacks experienced the highest poverty rate, at 27 percent, up from 25 percent in 2009, and Hispanics rose to 26 percent from 25 percent. For whites, 9.9 percent lived in poverty, up from 9.4 percent in 2009."

So what does the religious right do to try to alleviate this poverty? Do they push family planning and the use of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy and therefore abortion? No, they plan to protest abortion at the Democratic National Convention in Charolotte. They insist that abortion is causing a "black genocide".

I read that and thought, 'What a bunch of bullshit.' Isn't that just what the poor need? More mouths to feed? In fact, the African American population in this country has grown over the last ten years and is projected to grow further over the next forty years according to the US census bureau. I know, I know, since when do I expect religious fundamentalists with an agenda to actually tell the truth. Genocide is a loaded word. It's very definition means the utter destruction of a population based on a trait. Well, as you can see from the census data, that ain't happening.

In fact, this sort of thing pisses me off, a lot. It implies that black women aren't fit to make their own decisions regarding their own bodies and their own lives. They need someone to tell them what to do, in this case religious conservatives and a (Caucasian and male dominated) big brother government. Because minorities, especially female minorities, can't be trusted to make decisions.

Black anti-abortion activists depict this phenomenon in dire terms — “genocide” and “holocaust,” for example. But often the women getting the abortions say they act in the interests of children they already have.

“It wasn’t a hard decision for me to make, because I knew where I wanted to go in my life — I’ve never regretted it,” said Kimberly Mathias, 28, an African-American single mother from Missouri.
She had an abortion at 19, when she already raising a 2-year-old son.

“It wasn’t hard to realize I didn’t want another child at that time,” Mathias said. “I was trying to take care of the one I had, and going to college and working at the same time.”

She was able to graduate, now has an insurance job, and — still a single mother — has a 3-year-old son as well as her first-born, now 11.

Women who have abortions for non-medical reasons do so for one of three reasons. Either (1) they already have too many children to care for and can't afford another one, or (2) they aren't ready to have a child because they are still in school but would like children later, or (3) they don't ever want children. Why do these religious fascists think they have a right to tell women that they must carry a pregnancy to term no matter their current state of affairs, no matter if they just simply don't want children? Where do they get off? Let's turn this back on them. I don't ever want children and I don't think anyone should have children either so therefore I'm going to legislate no more children ever! Ridiculous right? Yeah, about as ridiculous as their reasoning, or rather lack thereof.

The argument against abortion breaks down into two camps. The religious wingnuts who think that if they allow others (not themselves mind you because these laws don't apply to them) to have abortions then some imaginary sky god will be angry at them. And the other camp? The Corporatocracy of course. I imagine it hasn't escaped their notice that outlawing abortion, and especially contraception, would increase poverty in this country. And an increase in poverty is good for the rich and good for big business. Outlawing contraception and abortion would essentially assure that most women, and by extension their children, would live in poverty and never be able to get themselves out of it. If you think this is bullshit, read this study. I for one didn't need to read that study. I've seen the vicious cycle of poverty with my own eyes.

What better way for the Corporatocracy to have a steady stream of poor workers than to outlaw contraception? Workers who would be willing to work for minimum wage, if the minimum wage even lasts that long. Poverty is a trap, and one incredibly difficult to get out of. We speak of choices. Those born into poverty had no choice in the matter and the Corporate-christo-fascists don't want them to have one either, as it serves the Corporate jackals to have a serf class at their beck and call.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Opa, Zeigen sie mir ihre papiere

The title says it all. You know, things can be so absurd that people won't believe they are happening. I suppose that could have something to do with what happened in Germany in 1933. Most people just simply couldn't fathom what was going on. They couldn't fathom that their elected leaders would throw away a Democratic Republic.

Why does the DHS need to show up at a Social Security Office in Leesburg, FL where elderly citizens go to get their checks? (note to Glen Beck and the rest of his teabagging rabble, they're not "entitlements" but rather getting back the hard earned money you invested into the government for forty plus years) Just so you know, it is not legal for an officer of the law, be it federal or state or local to ask you for your "papers" unless they have probable cause to believe you have committed a crime. Well, except I guess in Arizona, except that even there it's unconstitutional. It's a violation of the fourth amendment. But you know, politicians are so used to wiping their asses with it by now, I suppose a bit of it was flushed down the proverbial toilet. Someone should send fiddles to all the members of congress and the President. They can then fiddle while America and everything she used to stand for, burns.

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." --Sinclair Lewis

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chris Hedges: The Election March of the Trolls

I saw Chris Hedges this morning on Book TV and when he was asked if he was following the election coverage in Iowa, he said no. He said he didn't want to fill his head with such bullshit, well not in so many words but that's the gist of it. He called it "The Election March of the Trolls." An apt name for it methinks.

This is pretty much the conclusion that I came to a while ago. It's all bullshit, every friggin' bit of it. I think that's a reason why so many people whose blogs I used to read have stopped blogging. It's why I barely bother to write about any of this crap any more. It's all nonsense. Nothing important is said, and when something important is said, it's obfuscated by a bunch of other bullshit.

Hey kids, make sure you strap yourselves in, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. The road to tyranny is a bit bumpy. Let's hope someone decides on a detour before it's too late. I don't like that particular vacation destination. I prefer the French Pyrenees by far.

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for a little bit of temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." --Benjamin Franklin