Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Beginning

So, I've decided after a lot of posting at other people's blogs that I really ought to just start my own. This blog will be about politics and religion, and the massive disconnect that it causes between people. There are few other subjects that can get people so riled up and ready to burn and destroy things than those two subjects. It's as if people who are passionate about their party or their religion, the second they hear something that doesn't fit with what they want to hear, they shut their ears and scream bloody murder. It doesn't matter that most of the arguments put forth in no way effect them, it's enough that they perceive it as an affront to their public leader or to their god.

It also seems that there are certain powers that seek to divide us, the People of the United States, who are supposed to be in charge. Now, being the majority doesn't give you the right to run roughshod over the minority. Indeed, being the majority requires that you protect the minority, lest you lose all of *your* freedoms as well.

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