Thursday, March 5, 2009

If Civilization Collapses, I'm Going Deer Hunting

I haven't written in a couple weeks. I don't know whether it's because I've had nothing to write about, or if I've been busy, or I've just not felt like writing.

I was trying to concentrate enough to focus on working on some side projects but I can never seem to concentrate enough to finish them. It's not helped either by the fact that I've found a really cool online game to play. XD

The Hunter is as close to real hunting that you can get! It's beautiful too. Even if you don't hunt, you should try it if only to wander around the environment and marvel at how real it looks at times. It's fairly accurate and gives a good feeling of how hunting really is, as much as a video game can. So, if I don't write much for the next few weeks you can bet I'm probably playing :D

Ah, and now for the rant. If I read one more time that it's all Obama's fault that the stock market is in the toilet because "...the market has fallen X amount..." since he was elected, I think I might scream. As if the previous two decades of mismanagement, deregulation, lax lending policies and a corrupt previous administration (who I'd like to remind you were in power from election day to January 20th), had absolutely nothing to do with the current predicament we find ourselves in. Yes, that had nothing to do with it, it's all Obama's fault [/sarcasm]. People are idiots.

They continue to vote the same jokers back into office because they believe the rhetoric. Republicans, Democrats, they're all the same. They want us to fight over petty crap like gay marriage so that they can continue to dismantle this democracy and strip us of our Constitutional rights so they can make a buck and extend their power. If you doubt this, you are part of the problem, and I'd like it if you'd get your head out of your ass, as the very survival of this country relies on it's citizens to be thinkers, and critical and suspicious of anything the government wants to do.

It's the same shit, just a different day. I don't think anything will ever change. This has all happened before now, and whatever lessons were learned from it, died with the people who learned them. They certainly didn't pass any of it on to a new generation. Well, as my dad used to say, sometimes you gotta learn the hard way. Well, this is the hard way. Depression v.2.0. It's gonna be some interesting times here. Perhaps the lessons we learn from it will carry on to those who come after us? Nah, that'd be too easy.

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