Saturday, July 11, 2009

Republicans are Racist Bastards (but we knew that)

Of course the Republicans are kicking and screaming over Sotomayor. It's not enough that she's a woman, but she's a Hispanic woman! The Republican reaction?
Republicans: Oh noes!!11!!1! The colored people are wanting equality again and are gaining important positions, even the Presidency! :'( Drat! Our evil scheme is coming undone...
So now they're saying that she's associated with an "extremist" group. Apparently if you're associated with a right-wing extremist group though it's not a problem, and how dare you say anything bad about them, especially if they're infiltrating our military. {/sarcasm}

At any rate, I hardly call the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund an extremist group. They're like the NAACP... but I suppose the Republicans don't have the cojones to call the NAACP an extremist group because they'd have Jesse Jackson protesting outside their offices. I guess the Hispanics are just a little too mellow for that.

Hispanic Rights Group at Center of Sotomayor Fight

Conservatives have called the group's stances on capital punishment and abortion rights, as well as its advocacy of affirmative action in worker discrimination cases, "extreme" and "shocking."...

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, used the word "extreme" to describe the PRLDEF's views on capital punishment and race...

So, what it boils down to is that this group supports rights for minorities and women, the enemies of the rich, white guys in the Republican party. Since the Republicans have no leg to stand on and nothing of substance to run on (and no brains I dare say either) they have to paint their enemies with the "terrorist brush." They basically have equated PRLDEF with extremists and terrorists in their opposition to Sotomayor. They did the same thing with Obama, so I suppose it should come no surprise to anyone that they should go as far as to paint Sotomayor with that same brush as well.


  1. Just another typical, knee-jerk GOP reaction. Idiots.

  2. She IS associated with an extremist group. It's called La Raza (The Race). Ever heard of Aztlan? That's what La Raza wants. Look up Ramsey Muniz. And by the way, I'm not a Repugnican. Nor a Democrap....

  3. Chill out, we are ALL so SCREWED!!! Doesn't matter what she is or isn't, we are toast!

  4. @Mayberry, conspiracy theories will get you nowhere.

    @s, who needs to chill out? Looks like you're the one panicking. LOLz

    What it boils down to, and it's evident in both of your posts, is that you're afraid of "the colored people taking over." It's a deep-seated and pervasive racism that still exists in this country, and it needs to stop and like yesterday. Enough ink and indeed enough blood has been spilt over it, so get over it.

    The only conspiracy here is the one you're making against yourself. On a bright note, audiences eat that sort of crap up. Maybe you should write a novel or something.