Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Forecast = Mob Mentality?

I'm glad I don't live where it snows any more. If it snows where I am now, we'll know hell has completely frozen over. But I did once live where it snowed, and I never could understand why everyone goes for the dairy products that have to be refrigerated. Milk? Sour cream? Don't they know when the power is out, they won't want to get in the fridge, and if it's out long enough, everything will go bad anyway? So silly. And the silliness is in full swing in DC, where they've shut the whole place down in anticipation of what could be the biggest blizzard on record.

At a Safeway in Hanover, Md., dairy products and other perishable items were scarce. There wasn't a single egg in the store, and only a few bottles of milk remained.

"I've come from two other places that are out of milk and sour cream," said Cheryl Conner, 50, of Hanover. "This one's out of sour cream, too, it's crazy."

It's total Lulz.


  1. Bread, Hot Cocoa, batteries, matches, candles.... but sour cream?

    I guess they figure if the power goes out, they can just put perishable food out in the snow.

  2. You make me thankful I have my own chickens. I can understand if you have a bunch of kids. They go through milk like crazy, and you add it to a lot of recipes. But honestly if you cook with it and not usually drink it, then you could use canned milk.

    I would be more apt to hit the store for fruit, cider and then the liquor store.

    Some of the shelves are empty now too, because the trucks couldnt get into town to deliver the next shipments. So even normal consumption by now would start to empty shelves if no new shipments are arriving.

    Hot mulled cider. mmmmmmm.