Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Nation Under [Her] God

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." --Sinclair Lewis

Reagan bankrupt this country and yet he's still their darling. I curse his memory by the way. Then G.Dubya took his ideology to the extreme and it has plummeted us into another Great Depression. And the fact that she blames the Department of Education for No Child Left Behind crap is moronic at best. It was a bill introduced in congress and signed by their beloved G.Dubya. That's fucking rich that is. Let's just lie, lie, lie, and pretty soon no one will even know the truth. Our education system here sucks, and you know why? Because it's funded by property taxes. The rich get a great education and the poor, as usual, get fucked over. And NCLB has nothing to do with it.

That she would cite Bachmann, means she's crazier than batshit. I guess it takes one to know one.

Americans For Prosperity? One might mistake that they're for the prosperity of Americans, but that would be a mistake. They're for Americans supporting the Corporatocracy. Yes, let's cut taxes for the rich and fuck the People over by refusing to extend the unemployment insurance and by shipping jobs overseas so that CEOs can make more profits. Why don't they just dispense with the pretense and just call it what it is. Americans for the Fascist Corporatocracy. Or maybe The Fascist Corporatocracy for the Support of American Serfs.

I often wonder why politicians who want to be in control of government, pander to the "small government" group, and then when they get in there, they do the same damned thing every other politician has ever done, LIE LIE LIE and back corporate interests in spite of the people they're supposed to be representing. They don't do anything to make the government smaller. They do everything they can to put more and more of our government into the pockets of private business interests.

Border patrol is the job of Immigration and Customs. By advocating that the States should have the right to practice border patrol, means that they are advocating succeeding from the Union, de facto, because that means next they'll be saying they ought then have the ability to issue visas and passports so they can control who comes into their state. Maybe Nevada ought to succeed, and we can ship all the nutty neo-Cons there and they can live in a great utopia of oppression of the lower classes. I suppose the gambling capital of the country will have to go somewhere else (or we'll have to be really rich and go to Monaco to gamble) and I also suppose that we'll have to grant refugee status to anyone from Nevada with a brain and half a thought in their head.

"What caused the problems [with the economy] in the first place"?!?!?!? I can answer that for you Mme. Angle. YOUR PARTY is the cause of the economy collapsing! That's what happens when you deregulate every fucking thing. MORONS. All of them.

*sorry if I've rambled tonight, I blame the beer, it makes my thoughts meander =P


SeeingEyeChick pointed out that she looks a lot like "The Chicken Lady" (Sue Lowden, left) who I must have missed (terrible I know)... why does the party of red wear blue, the color of the opposition?


  1. Isn't that the Chicken lady that suggested we should all trade chickens for healthcare? I think she watched Doc Hollywood with Michael Fox one too many times. Or maybe that was her clone from another state. Its hard to tell these days.

  2. I must have missed the Chicken Lady. It seems that there's plenty of kooks to go around lately! "The Chicken Lady", aka Sue Lowden, is also from Nevada, looks a lot like Sharron Angle here (same hair, kinda creepy) and is also running for the senate... maybe she's got a split personality? Wow. It seems the only difference is Lowden is Catholic and Angle is southern Baptist, according to Wikipedia anyway. LOL

    It seems they both like to wear blue...

  3. Well the language of colors: True Blue! I just don't have anything nice to say about any of them. They are all traitors to their vaginas. However it would be ironic if, when Angle is through hunting Witches, that she turns around and hunt's Angle for being a Catholic [read Pagan]. I done seen them there Chic Tracks, I knows what a Catholic really is!

  4. Good Gods I Need More Coffee! Angle Hunting Lowden for being Catholic!

  5. LOL, those chick tracks crack me up LOL I know they're trying to be serious, but it's so absurd, I think you'd have to be fully insane to take any of them seriously.

    But yes, the southern Baptists I've known have hated Catholics. They call them idol worshipers and Mary worshipers. I find it amusing.

  6. No way I could stand to listen to that nutcase for 11 plus minutes.
    I did manage to hear the first few sentences & that was it.

    One crazy lady!

  7. I guess my threshold for stupidity must be high. I've watched longer rantings. I actually had a higher tolerance for listening to drivel when I was younger, but I've found as I've gotten older that my patience runs out sooner.

  8. Thanks for this! I "borrowed" the video for Contextual Criticism, did some ranting of my own and then linked to your rant. Hope that's OK and hope you're OK, and I think this country is in a world of shit!