Monday, October 11, 2010

Tea Party Schizophrenia: A true mental disease

In a recent poll, it was found that supporters of the Tea Party movement were likely to support the Christian Conservative agenda.
"While the loosely organized Tea Party movement has focused largely on shrinking the size of government and other fiscal issues, its backers are more likely to support government restrictions on gay marriage and other social issues, the Public Religion Research Institute found in its American Values Survey."

This is, in a nutshell, just more proof of how bat-shit crazy these people are. It's not that they want less government, it's not that they want their concept of "moral values" forced upon the citizens of these United States, it's that they want both. They want to have their proverbial cake and eat it too. Except, the cake is a lie. It's always a lie.

They want less government interference in regulating things that keep us safe. They want more government meddling into the private lives of homosexuals, wanting the government to pass laws to keep them from being able to marry or share their partner's insurance benefits, some going so far as to say that laws should be passed making homosexual acts/partnerships illegal. They want less government funding of education (wanting to dismantle the Department of Education and quit funding college loans and grants, because ask any slave master from the 19th century about the best way to keep people as chattel). They want more government interference with the bodies of women, to tell them that they must have children, whether they want them or not, whether they are mentally and emotionally fit to have them or not, whether they've been raped and abused or not.

It's really a complete schizophrenia, to sit there and say that the government should have no influence in the corporate lives of businesses but at the same time that same government should be in our bedrooms telling us what to do, who to be with and forcing women to carry a pregnancy they don't want, or is dangerous to their health, to term. I'll call it for what it is. It's goddamned fascism, pure and bleeding simple. It's so Orwellian, it's almost un-fucking-believable, for these ass-hats to sit there and scream that they are the denizens of freedom and democracy, and at the same time wanting to put their jackboots at the throats of their fellow Americans to make them follow their own twisted version of "morality".


  1. I just read, "American Fascists" Scary stuff and, yes, that is what these people are. They want us to suspend belief in science and fact and listen to "their" truth. About my body, my rights, my God (or lack thereof) and my Earth.

  2. PS, I bought that book you recommended.

  3. That's great to hear :) and thanks for the comment. I read that book, "American Fascists" a while back and it's true, it's scary, but I keep thinking there are enough good people in this country, that will not go down without a fight, that will not let them take this country down the path of Nazi Germany or Iran.

    We will not go silently.

  4. The Teapot Crackpots are truly insane and you are absolutely right about them not caring about the size of government, taxes, etc. That's all a smoke-screen. They are essentially totalitarian theocrats or just plain despots who seek power to enforce their insanity on the rest of us.

    You know, I'm sure, that Sarah Palin was anointed some time ago by her Pentecostal friends to be "god's" representative in the Oval Office.

    It would all be laughable if it wasn't so scary.

    Thanks for your comments. I've been snowed under lately and haven't even had time to post much!

  5. Been saying this stuff for years. No one believes ya though. Not at first. But that bunch has been creeping up on Democracy like a bad pair of underwear and here we are.