Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scott Olsen shot @ POINT BLANK range by Oakland PD

If this don't piss you off, nothing ever will. What the hell is wrong with the Oakland PD that they not only fire a tear gas canister at POINT BLANK range at someone's head, but that they follow that up by firing flash grenades into the crowd as they try to help the person who the police have injured.

I'll be honest, when I first heard that Scott Olsen, (for those of you who haven't heard, was a veteran to two tours of duty in Iraq and a Marine), had been wounded by the police I thought one of two things, one was that he probably got in the middle of a crowd that was violent or that the police had fired randomly into the air and the canister had come down on his head. You see, I couldn't imagine that the police would *really* be jackbooted thugs. Not here. Well, watch the video and you'll see. The Oakland Police Department are indeed a bunch of jackbooted thugs.

The videos show it all. The protesters were peaceful. Nothing was being thrown until the police fired tear gas and someone in the crowd threw one back. The crowd did not become violent at all, not even after they were attacked by the police.

And "unlawful assembly"? It is our constitutional right to assemble anywhere on public property that we god damned well please. Requiring a permit even is a violation of this right, and most cities are in violation of the Constitution of the United States.

By the way, the fascist thugs should know that this ain't 1933. You can't make up lies any more because the cameras, they don't lie.

Footage of Scott Olsen being shot by Police at Occupy Oakland from Raleigh Latham on Vimeo.

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  1. Sick. Shocking. Cannot believe this is happening in the U.S. and that the cops are complicit in this attempt to paint peaceful and *lawful* protests as somehow out-of-control... thanks for posting this.