Sunday, August 23, 2009

McCain *has* Publicly Funded Health Care

The fucking hypocrites. I can't stand them. They make my blood boil with their hypocrisy. It really pisses me off. This article here, is just another example of the depth of deceitfulness that the average politician will go to, to fuck YOU over. That's right. Most of them don't give a damn about the American people, and if you think they do, you should really reassess why it is that you think so.

Most politicians are money-grubbing, they're after lobbying dollars and like to misuse our tax money, so they can do things like fly to Argentina to see their mistress, and of course live a lavish lifestyle, many times that rivals the stars out in Hollywood. And you know what is even stupider, WE elect the idiots.

So what has me so pissed off this morning? McCain has the fucking COJONES to sit there and tell us that while he gets publicly funded health care, you know, the health care funded by OUR tax dollars, that the average citizen doesn't deserve that. FUCK HIM.

And if you think that the Insurance Companies are our friends and we don't need a public option, then FUCK YOU TOO.

1 comment:

  1. Let's play the Dating Game....

    Bachelor #1 doesn't give a damn about the American people and is a money-grubbing hypocrite.
    Bachelor #2 is not a friend.
    Bachelor #3 is let's say...a dining room table.

    You pick bachelor #1 to offer you a good time with health care?