Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Woman Yells "Heil Hitler" at Jewish man in Nevada Town Hall Meeting

The bitch is so dumb, that she doesn't even realize the gravity of what she's said. Look at her face after the camera pans to her. There's no regret there, no remorse, nothing. No thought in her head either, if you ask me.

Millions of people died under the Third Reich, and millions more died fighting that bastard, and yet this woman has the cojones to say that, to an Israeli Jew nonetheless. That man probably lost family members in the holocaust, and she has the fucking nerve to say something like that. Either she's a racist bastard, or she's just plain fucking dumb. Maybe a bit of both. I've watched a lot of dumb shit on the Internets lately, but this makes my blood boil. It pisses me off beyond words. It's a good thing I wasn't there, because I'd have gone to jail.

The stupidity, the idiocy of these people, it's absolutely beyond me. How can you be that fucking stupid? On that note, I bet if you asked her about WWII, Hitler, or the holocaust, she wouldn't be able to tell you a thing about any of it.

edit: What was I saying earlier about two year olds? At the end there, she reminded me of being on a playground in pre-school. Yeah, THAT'S real mature.


  1. Preach it! I've had several long talks with Holocaust survivors and I've talked to a Jewish soldier from my hometown who helped liberate Buchenwald and from their tales and from the historical record there is nothing going on today that is anywhere near as horrific and dehumanizing as what happened under Hitler. These people shouting "Nazi" only denigrate and belittle the suffering of those who suffered at the hands of men whose cruelty was limited only by their imaginations. Both sides have been guilty of resorting to the Nazi name calling over the years, but it's gotten to a truly ugly level now and it must stop and some apologies must be issued to the survivors, and the families of those who were lost under the Nazi regime.

  2. After the holocaust, they said "never again." But one has to wonder with ignorance such as this, if it can't happen again.

    From a historical perspective, almost all of written human history has been the oppression of others. The holocaust wasn't a singular moment, it was a culmination of centuries of persecution against Jews by Christians that started in the Middle Ages.

    We sweep it all under the rug, we forget, and we turn around and do it again. The Nazi party in the 1920s was about intimidation. They broke up the meetings of rivals, and sought to drown out opposition. There weren't even that many of them, but no one opposed them. No one took them seriously. And when they finally did, it was too late. We should never underestimate the depth of darkness that human beings can stoop to, especially when hateful rhetoric like this is involved.

  3. Oh, and one more thing. I'll bet this woman is one of those who think the holocaust didn't happen. There's a bunch of those types who subscribe to the Conservative cause.

  4. You're right. Martin Luther back in the 1500's was a vicious anti-semite, but he was just a product of a culture that was already heading inevitably toward what happened in the 1930's. These things never pop up out of a vacuum. The seeds are planted in the soil of fear, fertilized with hateful ideas and concepts and when it blooms people die. It can happen anywhere and as long as we deny that it could happen here we are enabling it to happen here eventually. It may not be Jews, it may be liberals, or anyone seen systematically as "other" therefore inferior or a threat.

  5. The holocaust wasn't a singular moment, it was a culmination of centuries of persecution against Jews by Christians that started in the Middle Ages.
    - - - - - -
    So do you think Hitler and the Nazi's were good Christians or bad ones?

  6. Were Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, and Pol Pot good athesits or a bad ones?

  7. Anonimuss, Hitler and his Nazi party considered themselves "good" Christians. In fact, in Nazi Germany, prayer was required in public school.

    What's your point? Oh, I forgot, you never have one.

  8. Is that a cross in her ear? Holy shyte, is that a Balkenkreuz? Yup, she's a racist...and not very smart (sort of like all of *them*). But...I will say that the original interview appeared to have no legitimate purpose other than creating a situation in which someone was bound to say something utterly stoopid.

  9. Nice catch Sidhe, I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out. I wouldn't be surprised one iota if she's involved with neo-Nazis.