Friday, September 11, 2009

The Party of "Waaaaah!"

The Republicans lately seem to act like a bunch of two year olds who missed nap time and can't shut-up long enough to let the adults have a conversation. They can't control themselves and they have no tact. And it isn't just your average un-educated American any more. No sirree, it's our elected officials who have no decorum. Joe Wilson, if Benjamin Franklin were alive, he'd probably smack you across the face with a white lace glove.

But I digress. What happened to statesmanship? To debate, not arguing and screaming? Oh, I know. A black man got elected, and all the good ol' boys nearly died of shock. The shock must have been so great, that it gave them Turrets, because they can't seem to control what they say any more.

We have some serious problems here, including poverty, a lack of health insurance for our poor, a lack of education (especially access to higher education), unemployment, etc. etc. etc., and all the Republican talking heads can do is scream about fantasy things like death panels and illegals getting health insurance. *rolls eyes* If they want to act like two year olds, and not let the adults have the important conversations over where we're going, then they need to be treated like two year olds. Put them in time-out, ignore them, and let them rave about their fantasy-land there and let the rest of us get on with the real work of reforming this inadequate system.


  1. The shock must have been so great, that it gave them Turrets, because they can't seem to control what they say any more.
    - - - - - - - -
    Now look at who's stealing droning points! Or are you the one who came up with the Turrets reference on your own?

    Joe Wilson yelled out, "You lie", causing a flurry of liberal outrage with his exercise of liberal style free speech...but, he was right. Illegal aliens will have access to this proposed public healthcare via numerous backdoor provisions, such as no proof of citizenship required.

    I do concede the fact that Joe should have shown some restraint and decorum by maybe just throwing a couple of size 12 shoes at the podium. This would have at least given the Democrats a reminiscent chuckle.

    To all the upset Democrats out there, let me quote your fearless commander in chief, "Spare me your phony outrage."

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