Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life is Stranger than Fiction

They just identified the 9 year old girl who was shot today at the Gabrielle Giffords event as Christina Taylor Green. The irony of it is she was born on 9/11/2001 and died today 1/8/2011 (1+8=9) at the hands of an insane terrorist. I suppose all terrorists are insane to some degree. No sane person would fly a plane into a building, or shoot a 9 year old girl.

Such senseless violence, and for why? Because a psychopath was upset with our government? Even if the government is flawed is that any reason to kill people? I feel so sorry for the neighbor who invited her to attend the event, I'm sure they blame themselves in a way even though it isn't their fault.


  1. I love how, now we aren't supposed to draw any conclusions about the anti-government sentiments held by the shooter which mirror calls for second amendment remedies by some of our own politicians.

    The little girl wanted to be there because she was a member of student council and she wanted to learn more about how government works.

    I know that since nutbars have started packing heat at local government events, I don't take my kids. Remember when you could though? Take your kids to see how government works, because you didn't have to worry every 3 seconds whether or not some lone nutjob was going to go wacko and shoot the place up for no apparent reason?

    Hold onto your hats, I am sure the closer we get to the New Age end of days {2012} that the crazies will just get crazier.

  2. These people who are saying that their rhetoric is not responsible, are idiots. Sure, a sane person listening to the rhetoric rolls their eyes, or maybe thinks about what's been said and how that fits with their belief system. A crazy person takes it literally and desires to act on it.

    I hope that some good comes of this, that maybe these idiots will tone it down, but I somehow doubt it, as it seems most of them are on the verge of being certifiable themselves.