Friday, May 1, 2009

Michele Bachmann Dodges Question

Not surprising that the anchor at Faux News didn't insist she answer the question. Indeed, I'm surprised they even asked it. The appropriate answer would have been "I'm an idiot."


  1. What I'm not surprised about is that they didn't bother mentioning that the statement about swine flu, beyond being ludicrous, was also wrong, as it was in fact, a Republican, Gerald Ford, who was in the White House when swine flu hit for the first time...

    Good god, that's gotta be the most bizarre economic analysis I've ever heard....

    And as for "the young people," what she's really concerned about is that the percentage of the under 30 crowd voted for Obama was well over 2/3...

  2. She knows she got caught being an idiot and now she's trying to cover it up and get away from it.

    I've got that post fixed now so you can see what I posted.