Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Truth Can Send You to Federal Prison

I'm thoroughly amused by the story that James O'Keefe was arrested along with three neo-Con friends for trying to tap into the phone lines in a Democrat's office in a Federal building. How stupid can you get? I wonder how many more felonies Lack-of-any-ethics O'Keefe is planning on committing before he's thirty.

You see, we have laws in this country, such as privacy laws, that prohibit taping or recording audio of a person without their permission or without a court order. Apparently, some neo-Cons like O'Keefe think they're above the law. I wonder if his friend's daddy can get them out of this one. I suppose it's likely, if daddy has some pull with the Feds. They're rich white boys after all. They'll probably get a slap on the wrist. What they really deserve though is to pay the price for breaking the law. If that happens, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Upon leaving the courthouse on a measly $10k bail, it was reported that O'Keefe said "The truth will set me free." To which I thought, the truth can send you to prison, but I digress. You see, I think that the whole thing with them taping those workers at Acorn was a load of bullshit. First of all, they edited the tapes in their favor, and cut out pieces that didn't fit with their agenda. Secondly, the things they said were so outrageous that most people, especially people who aren't very intelligent, would probably be caught off guard, so much so that they might say strange things or things they wouldn't ordinarily say because they're confused. It amounts to entrapment. Most of the people at Acorn actually called the police on them. They may have said what they said to play along, and then report them, because that's how you gather information. But as usual, the truth is never what is important. It's just what you can fit into a ten second sound bite. People lost their jobs over it, whether they were really guilty of anything or not.

Whenever neo-Cons are concerned, it's always a double standard. If it's them that's in trouble, they scream it's "just a few bad apples," but if it's anyone else, it must be "wide spread corruption."


  1. I agree with you whole heartedly, however don't under estimate the power of dog whistle politics. His Truth statement is invoking John 8:32 which to me is him sending out his version of a Bat-Signal to Tea-Douche-baggers all over the country, trying desperately to avoid getting a new boyfriend named Bubba.

    Federal prison sounds good though. I mean bugging anyone's phone ought to be a civil rights violation. And in his case, bugging an active politician's phone should be a violation of National Security. Who knows what committees, or boards or organizations that politician serves on? Now that we have state level Anti-Terrorist programs, there is no telling what that shitbird could have heard about, and leaked.

    Its ironic though, after all those fights with the Shrub administration over eavesdropping on e-mails, phone calls etc., One more example of the party of "Its not Fascism if we Do it."

    Whatever Rat. Go to jail now.

  2. Bubba may have his Biatch du jour but Big Steve will feel his own masculinity rising to the surface when he gets a glimpse of O'Dweeb in his pimp costume. Notice how this story is kryptonite to Fox Entertainment, they are all scratching their heads pretending to recall something about a guy by that name...Yeah right fellas. He's toast and the credibility you've never had as news gatherers has flown even further south than Beck, Manatee and Lufa Boy could ever imagine.

  3. SeeingEye, you hit the nail on the head. They had no business being there, and I'm surprised that they're, so far, only slapping them with one felony. I'm sure that if the Feds really, really wanted to, they could come up with a few other charges to throw in there. And if I were Landrieu, I'd sue them in civil court too, for good measure. It'd learn 'em that you can't do crap like that and get away with it. What'd they think this was? A James Bond movie? Idiots.

    lol@kryptonite to fox. Boy ain't that the truth. They're really good at getting convenient Alzheimer's when the mood suits them. XD

    I'm laughing this evening at the fact that their attorney, called them "kids" like they're juveniles or something. I'm sorry, but 24 years old, that's way past being a "kid." What a bunch of tripe.