Monday, January 18, 2010

What progress we are making...

A hundred years ago, if you had told your average American that black people would have equal rights someday, they would have thought you quite mad. And if you had told them that a black man would be elected President of the United States, they'd have had you committed to a mental asylum for being completely off your rocker.

I hope that someday, whether it be a hundred years from now, or a thousand, that people look back on this age and consider it as barbaric as we consider the Medieval period. I hope that someday all people really are treated equally, and that there is no more hunger or homelessness in this world. It's a nice dream isn't it?

"What progress we are making. In the Middle Ages they would have burned me. Now they are content with burning my books." --Sigmund Freud


  1. I'm guessing Freud made that statement relatively early in his career...since later in his career, he narrowly escaped the holocaust.

    Which is not to say that progress doesn't happen. Disappointing as Obama's first year in office has certainly been, it should still be astounding to any student of American history to see him in the White House.

    But, like glaciers, things can move forward very slowly...and sometimes slide backwards...

  2. He said that when the Nazis were burning his books in 1933.

  3. With all the religious Fanatics we still have in office and apparently in the military, I think we should be quite happy no one is trying to burn us with our books.

    A Black Man in office and women still are being stalked by politically motivated Christian Supremacists over reproductive issues, that many do not have access to.

    Yes, barbaric times indeed. Don't even get me started on the Crusade in the Near East. Regardless of any actual reasons we might have, to be there in any capacity, the nutters have been under our noses, proseltyzing at the end of a tank turret, and who knows what else.

  4. I guess it's progress when an author's works are burned in his stead. What irks me is the way so many of our countrymen are seething with racial enmity they've masked in some sort of corporate sponsored teabaggery or tax revolt etc. Where were they when idiot boy was blowing 10 billion a month on a totally unnecessary war in Iraq ? Suddenly they're all awake at the same switch they snored all over for 8 years and it's only because they know they can't openly hate the guy for being half black. Hmmm is that more of the progress Sig mentioned ?

  5. Its the Stimuli/Response Scenario. The Ameoba doesn't respond until you shock it. The only way to penitrate the thick skull on these morons is to holler something biblical. Otherwise, they resume their normal zombiefied existence. Besides, idiot boy was their annointed earthly king according to the Dominionists. He could have eaten babies on television with fava beans, and no one would question him under those circumstances. He was considered as inerrant and infallible as a King James Bible with a Zondervan stamp on it's spine.