Friday, April 24, 2009

Convicted of Torturing Prisoners to Coerce Confessions

And here we have it folks, the New York Times has articles dating to 1983 when a sheriff and his deputies right here in the state of Texas were convicted of the crime of torturing prisoners by waterboarding them.
"The Sheriff of San Jacinto County has resigned after admitting he operated a marijuana trap on heavily traveled U.S. 59 as well as subjected jail inmates to water torture to gain confessions and testimony."
"Mr. Lewis, 26 years old, and Vernon Perry, 27, both convicted of burglary in 1976, said they saw the former San Jacinto County Sheriff, James Parker, direct his deputies to coerce confessions from two burglary suspects by draping a towel over each man's face and pouring water over it until the men gagged."
"Federal District Judge James DeAnda has sentenced a former deputy sheriff, Floyd Baker, to four years in prison for torturing prisoners to make them confess to crimes."

These require a subscription to view, but have to do with this:


  1. And this all happened during a Rethuglican's Reign of Terror in the White House.

    I bet the Rethuglicans would deny this ever happened.

  2. True. It being in black and white, written in a newspaper from twenty five years ago, never stopped them from lying about things before. Facts? Who needs facts when you're the Republican party? Indeed, most politicians don't seem to have much stock in facts.