Monday, April 20, 2009

The Poor Rich Bastards

*warning: explicit language because I'm pissed off*

This article made me so mad. I can't even begin to describe the anger that seethes up inside me when I read drivel such as this. These people are complaining that although they make five times or more the median income of the United States, they really don't have enough money to do what they want. Well boo fucking hoo, and fuck you too. Anyone who sympathizes with these rich cry babies, ought to have their head examined. There are people starving to death in the world and these people are upset that they might have to cut back on vacations or that new Hummer they wanted because their taxes might be going up a whole three percent. Give me a fucking break.
"I'm not complaining, but the reality is Obama may call me wealthy, but I thought we were just good old middle class," says Ms. Parnell. "Our needs are being met, but we don't have a load of cash to cover wants."
Yes. You are complaining. You make more than a quarter million a year, and you think you don't have enough shit. If you can't live on a quarter million a year, you need to sit down and reassess your life.
It is a tricky situation in which some Americans find themselves after a long boom: They are by no means struggling, compared with the 98% of Americans who make far less, but depending on where they live and the lifestyle choices they have made, they don't necessarily feel rich, either.

WTF? I'm supposed to feel sorry because these rich bastards have made bad decisions on how to spend their money and so now they don't "feel rich"? You have got to be fucking kidding me.
"I'm not after sympathy. We are blessed. What I want is a reality check on what rich means," Ms. Parnell says. "I can pay my mortgage and I can buy some clothes. I'm not going without, but I'm not living a life of luxury."
This from a stupid bitch who admits that she has $1200 left over every month after they have paid everything they have to pay, including a large sum every month to their church, which is not a necessity. Does this stupid fucking dense moron realize that that is about what a lot of people make in a month. Not have left over. But make. That was about the size of my pay check every month when I worked retail full time.

These people can bite me. Fucking goddamn spoiled bastards. Oh, and I have tens of thousands in student loan debt too, and make a fraction of what they do, and I'm not complaining. Maybe it's because I realize how lucky I am. I wish I made a quarter million a year so I could pay taxes on it. I don't have any idea what I would do with all that money. It's more than I can even imagine because we make just a smidge over the median income of the United States. And considering where I grew up, a ghetto near a public housing project, that's a lot. So what if I don't have enough money to go out and buy a ton of crap. I really don't need it, and neither do these spoiled ass people. The bitches need to turn off HGTV, realize they don't need to get the latest fucking kitchen gadgets, and be happy with what they have.

As an aside, for people making a little over $250k a year. To avoid paying taxes on it, all they have to do is put enough into a retirement account, like a 401k or an IRA to reduce their income. Retirement savings comes off of your earned income.

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  1. I agree. You know, even though I said I's like to consume less meat, I think we should just eat the rich.