Monday, April 27, 2009

God will Save You From Swine Flu

Mexico doesn't have the manpower to send people to interview the families of the deceased who supposedly died from swine flu, but they say they have enough medicine to treat the outbreak if need be. Huh? In the mean time, religion will solve this, so you better start praying.
"For the first time in 300 years, the cathedral in Mexico City's main plaza has pulled an icon of the Lord of Health from storage, and worshippers placed it on the principal altar."
I'm beginning to doubt Mexico's ability to handle the situation, whether this flu is a global threat or not. The people of Mexico are obviously suffering, as usual.

In Toluca, a city west of the capital, one family said health authorities refused to treat a relative Sunday who had full-blown flu symptoms and could barely stand. The man, 31-year-old truck driver Elias Camacho, was even ordered out of a government ambulance, his father-in-law told The Associated Press.

Paramedics complained that Camacho — who had a fever, was coughing and had body aches — was contagious, Jorge Martinez Cruz said.

Of course, this is if you can even believe anything the press is saying at this point. They say over a hundred people have died in Mexico of this, but if you dig deeper you find out that the majority of those cases are *not* confirmed yet. Confirming them requires them to sequence the DNA, which takes days, if they even have samples from these cases. Leave it to the press to spread panic prematurely.

Sure, we should all be careful and wash our hands well, cover our mouths if we cough, and if you're sick you should stay home or see a doctor if you have symptoms, but seriously. On that note, this whole thing rings of Christian Fundamentalism "the-end-of-the-world-is-coming" ideology, also known as "we're-all-gonna-die!!!!!" There's a point where we should panic, and we're no where near that point. So, let's not panic yet, shall we? Turn off 24 hour CNN (or whatever news network you watch) and go do something else. Remember, the press is merely in it for the ratings. I suggest if you want information on this, to look at the CDC's website, which is not in it for the ratings.


  1. Absolutely correct! I appreciate the links to the sites with "real" news and not the "manufactured " stuff we get daily!

    Good post!

  2. The press and the WHO have blown this all out of proportion. It's time we all started listening to the people, the CDC, who actually know something about this...and not people like Limpballs who is blaming Obama for open borders and the flu coming up here from Mexico.

  3. Yeah, some batshit-crazy right-wing wackos were complaining on a board about how it was all the illegals who were bringing this up here. Except, as it's evident their brain isn't working, all of the cases here were from people who had traveled to Mexico for vacation or business. Same goes for all the cases in Europe, all what is it, four of them? It was all travelers returning home. Friggin' idiots.

    And I'll give my public service announcement one more time, wash your hands!

  4. There was a group from New Zealand who had returned home from vacation in Mexico via L.A.