Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sometimes, We Need a Laugh

I don't know why I bother reading my friends' status updates on Facebook. Half the time they're stupid, and the other half of the time they're stupid and infuriating. I hate the damned news feed!

I truly have enough stress in my life, with work and everything else. I don't really need to know that your "opinions" coincide with the talking head you heard on the radio this morning or on the television last night. Lack of critical thinking skills are really what is hurting this country right now. No one is able to think anything through, and are most certainly not able to think for themselves. Some moron on television or the radio tells them that A=B whether it does or not, and all of a sudden it is the truth of the universe that A does indeed equal B.

I really need a vacation. In lieu of that, a laugh will work too:

So what am I pissed about? I'm sure you've heard by now how a report from the Department of Homeland Security warns that right wing wacko groups could potentially try to recruit veterans as they return home. Seems quite reasonable, commonsensical even. And then the right-wing talking heads get a hold of it, and start screaming that the government is calling their precious troops terrorists. Which isn't what it says at all. But you'd have to have half a brain, or half a thought in your head to figure that out, and those idiots obviously don't. Or maybe they do, and they see that they have a useful tool in their hands, one that can be used to stir up the masses with lies and deceit. We can't have people happy and peaceful can we? Not when there are democracies to destroy in the name of money and power. And it's working too. Because plenty of fools are screaming, in their status updates on Facebook and elsewhere, about how they support the troops, and how they don't think the troops are terrorists. Well, no fucking duh.

If all this makes you as mad as it makes me, watch the kitten. It will cheer you up, for a few minutes anyway.

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