Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let's Waterboard Bill O'Reilly

I mean after all, he doesn't seem to see a problem with it. I don't understand what part of immoral and wrong, never mind illegal, (in laws both domestic and international) that these bastards don't understand. I don't get it. The end does not justify the means. Period. NEVER.

Via ThinkProgress


  1. Oh god--I just left a comment on another blog to the same effect (though referring to right wing politicians and talk radio hosts...somehow left Fox news personalities out)...which shows that, like so many Americans in this fucked up decade, I've been desensitized to torture if I can't even argue against it without fantasizing about Rush Limbaugh being waterboarded and...never mind...

  2. The "ends justify the means" is the major platform of the Repugnican Party and all the media freaks that represent it!

    As Letterman asked O'Reilly, though, you have to wonder if they are so stupid as to believe all the crap they spout, or if they are so enamored of the almighty dollar they will say or do anything to gain ratings and higher salaries.

    Maybe it's a combination of the two!