Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Tea Party with the Mad Hatter

Yeah. I don't even know where to begin...

at 2:00 minutes.

I suppose I'll start with, so this is what happened to Rusty Shackleford! LOLz

WTF is that guy smoking? A communist plot? For fifty years?

Ah, I see, he's been watching Faux News. That explains a lot. But not all. Somebody needs his medication...

Brainwashing unit? Digital television is brainwashing? Wow. I can't believe the crowd didn't boo him out of there. Oh, but that would require they weren't all crazy too.

Quick! Somebody call the IRS on this lawbreaking, asshole bastard who isn't paying his taxes. I had to dish out $400 because I obey the law, whether I agree with it or not. Everyone else pays their taxes. I don't know why this idiot thinks he's above the law. Must have been taking a page out of G. Dubya Bush's book.

Yes, don't educate your children. Education is the most horrible thing ever, because then your children might think for themselves and might realize what a bunch of bullshit their parents are throwing around.

As for the woman who screamed "burn the books," it makes me realize that Nazism is alive and well right here in the United States. Oh, they may not call themselves Nazis. But the ideology is the same. So, does this mean that I've resorted to Godwin's Law? You better believe it, because in this case, it's appropriate. People screaming about burning books and about scary black presidents who are communists in hiding. This is the exact same rhetoric the Nazi party spewed.

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