Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Socialist Nightmare

You know, I'd totally move to Sweden... except that it's cold, really cold, and there's not much sunlight six months of the year, and I don't speak Swedish.

Ten weeks of paid vacation! Sixteen MONTHS of maternity leave! Now that's caring about the family. The conservative talking heads who support the American Corporatocracy have no idea about "family." All they care about is the almighty dollar. And they use moral issues to keep people in fear and under their control.

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  1. ain't much colder there then it is here in Wisconsin....maybe I'll go.

    10 weeks of vacation every year, free medical, 6 months maternity leave....yeah we don't wanna be like socialist Sweden. They think too much about families and people and not enough about the poor corporate elite.

  2. That's not 6 months of paid maternity leave, but 16 months! At least that's what the video says. It's beyond our comprehension, since we don't even get paid maternity leave in the United States, yet these corporate bastards are supposed to be all for "family" whatever that means.